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Be part of Korea Leading Security Exhibition!

Name of event SECON 2018 (International Security Exhibition & Conference)
Date 14-16 March 2018
Opening Hours 10:00 ~ 17:00
Venue KINTEX, Hall 4&5, Seoul, KOREA
Organizer SECON Organizing Committee
    Korea Internet & Security Agency(KISA)
    Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute(ETRI)
    Korea Local Information Research & Development Institute(KLID)
    Korea Institute of Patent Information(KIPI)
    Korea Information Technology Research Institute(KITRI)
    Public Ordering Sector Conference(POSC)
    Korea Industrial Complex Corporation(KICOX)
    Korea Association of Industrial Technology Security Association(KAITS)
    Korea Information Security Industry Association(KISIA)
    Korea High-tech Safety Industry Association(KOHSIA)
    Korea Surveillance Instruments Industry Cooperative(KOCIC)
    Korea Digital CCTV Research Association(KDCA)
    Korea Digital Doorlock Manufacturers Association(KDMA)
    Korea Security Association(KSAN)
    Korea Aviation Security Association(KASA)
    Intelligent Transport Society of Korea(ITS)
    Korea Association of Chief Information Security Officers(CISO)
    Certified Information Systems Security Professional(CISSP)
     Information Systems Audit and Control Association Korea Chapter(ISACA)
    Korea Association For Biometrics Identity Security(KBID)
    Korea Corporate Security Council (KCSC)
    Korea Information Security Certified Auditor Association(KISCA)
    The Korea Association For Industrial Security(KAIS)
    Korea Institute of Information Security and Cryptology(KIISC)
    Korean Society For Internet Information(KSII)
    Korea CPTED Association(CPTED)
    Korean Police Studies Association(KOPSA)
    Korean Security Science Association(KSSA)
    Korean Security of Counter Terrorism Policy(KSCT)
    The Korean Association for Terrorism Studies(KATS)
    Korea Cyber Guard Association(CAP)
    The Korean Institute Of Security(KIS)
    FIDO Forum Korea(FIDO)
Fair Manager UBM BN Co., Ltd.
Sponsor - Ministry of Science and ICT
- Ministry of the Interior and Safety
- Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
- Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
- Seoul Metropolitan Government
- Daejeon Metropolitan City
- Korea Defense Industry Trade Support Center
Global Sponsor APSA Malaysia, Japan Network Security Association
Media Sponsor Security World, BOANNEWS
- e-GISEC 2018(e-Government Information Security Solution Fair)
- SecurityWorld Conference 2018
- Intelligent CCTV for Social Safety Reinforcement Seminar
- Seoul Security Personnel Workshop
- Information Security Expert's Job Competency Upgrade Conference
- Workshop for Public Client from Government ministry and Public institution
- Trade Secret Protection & Invasion Strategy Seminar
- 2018 Security Trends & Main Issues Conference
- 2018 FIDO Biometric Authentication Conference
- Smart Road & Smart Vehicle 2018
- AI & Terrorism Conference
- Intelligence Information Security Academy
- CCTV Authentication & Outstanding products Fair
- The design of Physical Security & Evaluation Tool Conference
- The 4th Aviation Security Symposium
Special Event - Online Matchmaking Service
- Hosted Buyer Programme
Exhibit Profile
Video Surveillance
CCTVs, IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs, Camera Lenses, Integrated Control Solution, HD Analog Systems, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Intelligent Image Analysis Systems, Video Transmission Systems, Monitor Walls, CCTV Peripherals (Poles/Enclosures/Racks/Housing), Console Desks, Infrared Projectors, Motion Detectors, Optical Network Security Systems, Remote Transmission & Monitoring Equipment etc.

Access Control
Access Control Systems, Cards & Readers, Security Gates, Perimeter Security, Digital Door Locks, Lock Devices, Parking Management Systems, Biometrics Identify Solutions(Fingerprint Recognition, Face Recognition, Iris Recognition, Finger Vein Recognition, Voice Recognition, Blood Vessel Recognition, Signature Recognition, Multiple Recognition, 3D Recognition), Vehicle Operations Management, Remote Access Systems, Communication Equipment, Access Control Software, Intrusion Detection Equipment, Patrol Management Systems, Controller Panels & Related Equipment, MDAC, Attendance Management Systems, Infrared/Laser Sensors etc.

IT Security
Anti-Ddos Solutions, Firewall, IPS/IDS, VPN, Information Leakage Prevention Solutions, UTM, NAC, Security Switches, Mobile Device Security(MDS) like Smart Phones, Contents Security, WIPS, Vaccine, DRM, Security USB, Document Security Solutions, Keyboard Security, Personal Information Protection Solutions, Personal Video Information Security, Server Security, DB Security, Web Harvesting, Personal Information Access, History Management, Contents Security, ESM, Big Data Security, Backup/Recovery, Servers, Storages, Switches, Computers, Asset Management Solutions, Web Accessibility, Integrated PC Security, APT, DLP, PMS, KMP, OTP, Network Separation & Integration, Information Destruction Solutions, Data Loss Prevention, Quantum Cryptography, Secure Coding, NFV, Webshell Defense, E-Discovery, Homepage, PC Personal Information Blocking, Personal Information Log Management, OS Security, Personal Information Protection Law Service, Anti-Spam/phishing, MDM(Mobile Device Management), Digital Forensics, Encrypted Wire & Wireless Equipment, Deep Learning-Based Security Solution, Cloud Security, Document Centralization, Application Security etc.

Homeland Security / Industry Security
X-Ray Inspection Equipment, Identification equipment, Communication Devices, Lie Detectors, Endoscopic Camera Lens, Genetic Analyzers, Paper Shredders, Thermal Infrared Full-Body Scanners, Face Analysis Programs, Security Lights, Walk-through Metal Detectors, EOD Equipment, Trade Secret Management Systems, HDD Shredders, Trade Secret Authentication Services, Counterfeit Detectors, Wiretapping Detection Systems, Corporate Perpetuity Solutions, etc.

IoT Security
Smart Car Security Solutions, Smart Appliance Security Solutions, Smart Healthcare Device Security Solutions, Video Conference Security Solutions, Convergence Security Solutions, NFC-Based Security System, Kiosk Security Solution, IoT System-Based Security Solutions, Home Automation Solutions, etc.

Social Security System
Security Service, Fire & Disaster Prevention Solutions, CCTV Integrated Control Systems, Children's Safety Systems, Unmanned Electronic Guard Systems, Intelligent Road Traffic Video Detection Solutions, Personal Self-Defense Products, Sealing Labels, Illegal Parking Crackdown Systems, Parking Control Systems, Intelligent Crosswalks, Safes, Vehicle Operation Management, Safety Doors, Sanitary Fixtures, Disinfectors, Fire Extinguishers, Sprinklers, Fire Alarms/Detectors, Black Boxes for Automobiles, Anti-Theft System, Anti-Drone System, etc.